Sometimes, All it Really Takes is a Good Story

Everywhere, marketing pros and ad copywriters are banging their heads against a wall, looking for critical consumer data, studying trends, searching for inspiration and racking their brains for "just the right message." But sometimes, all it really takes to get people's attention is a great story.

Such was the case this past Monday night, as ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast became the most-watched event in cable TV history: the game was watched by over 21.8 million viewers and 15.1 million households, receiving a 9.0/23 rating and share in the ad-centric adult 18-49 demographic. Of course, the Green Bay and Minnesota markets aren't the biggest, but the story certainly was, as Hall-of-Fame bound QB Brett Favre faced off against his old team, wearing the uniform of their bitterest rival. It was a superb combination of sports and drama...and millions of people responded (including me). Keep that in mind the next time you're trying to figure out the best way to get people's attention.

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