Show - Don't Tell: A Simple Lesson Remembered

The fact that a picture is worth a thousand words is something that makes most copywriters wince, but usually it's all too true. This is especially the case in today's world, where the onslaught of visual and internet media can make it hard to get your point across. São Paulo agency Fischer+Fala understands this, and created this public service message by creating a simple visual demonstration and putting it on a dedicated website via a live webcam.

To demonstrate the dangers involved in passive smoke, and highlight the anti-smoking laws coming into effect in Sao Paulo, it decided to put passive smoking to "the sunflower test." Two sunflowers were placed in side-by-side glass cubicles and kept in identical conditions, receiving the same amount of light, ventilation and water. The only difference was that one sunflower was exposed to passive smoke every day for a week. A Twitter feed was also part of the program, and was used to inspire debate on the subject. To read more, check out the full article and credits HERE.

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