I'm going to try to keep this simple.

You might be a business or an organization of some sort, and you want to sell products and/or services. Perhaps you're a non-profit group or government entity, and you want to create awareness about what you do. To be successful in any of these activities, you must have a message. Whatever it is, that message has to be clear and compelling.

I'll help you develop that message.

I call it "What to Say."

Once you've gotten that far, you have to get that message across. Images might be very effective in communicating your ideas. It's also possible that you need some persuasive copy to explain what you do. But that's just part of the challenge.

You also have to decide what channel you're going to employ in spreading the word. Of course, there are always the traditional methods, like print and web display advertising,* radio, television, outdoor and direct mail. But that's just scratching the surface. Today we also use tools like social media, web video, interactive media, custom publishing, event marketing and so much more. And, in some cases, it might just be that the oldest communication method of all -- face-to-face -- could be the best way to go.

I'll help you decide which of these is best for communicating your message.

I call that "How to Say it."

What to Say...and How to Say it. It really is that simple.
Other people will throw technical jargon at you, or come up with fancy names for some "special process" they use to develop your message and analyze your audience. If you want to pay for all of that, feel free to do so. For my part, thinking up big words for simple concepts takes time that I don't have, and if I did, I'd have to charge someone extra for it anyway.

I don't believe in throwing money at a problem. I prefer to throw creativity at it.
That creativity can take many forms, and it covers all the things we do, like advertising, copywriting, consulting, branding, custom publishing, book design and web development.

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*Yeah - after 15 years or so, I would go out on a limb and call web banners and links a "traditional" advertising method.

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