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Founded in 2002,  American Biblioverken was established as a publisher of quality works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The aim of the company is to bring accessible yet compelling books and authors to the attention of a wider public, with special emphasis in the areas of art, architecture and history.

In addition to works by new and current authors, American Biblioverken is also committed to the rediscovery and preservation of classic fiction and non-fiction texts, offering reformatted, edited and newly-illustrated editions of past works for a modern age.

Currently, books published by American Biblioverken have worldwide distribution network through POD sources such as Creatspace, Ingram, Lulu and other production sources. For most titles, our sales distribution channel utilizes the most widely used bibliographic databases in the publishing industry, such as R.R. Bowker's Books in Print®, as well as other sources. Our titles are also available on

We are committed to creatively integrating the two essential elements of book publishing -- content and presentation  -- in a manner that offers the reader a richer and more rewarding experience.

In addition, American Bibioverken offers book design, packaging and production services to publishers, printers and authors. Additional services include custom periodical publishing, such as local directories, visitor guides and promotional magazines and booklets.


American Biblioverken can provide a range of services that can meet the needs of both authors and publishers.  Primary of these is our book design and packaging services. We can take your content, including text and photos, and design a book that communicates your ideas effectively and appropriately while being beautiful to look at and use. From a whole book or series of books to a single cover design, we can ensure that your project looks its best.

With over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, we can also assist you with marketing your book project.  From designing postcards and ads to preparing news releases and posters, we can develop the tools needed to engage readers and buyers.

Our digital creative service capabilities can also be put to use, whether you'd like to create a podcast, a promotional video, or even a website to help promote your book. Just ask us how we can help you get your message onto the web or the airwaves.

about submissions

While we are interested in taking on new projects and developing new authors, it must be understood that we are a very small press and our ability to take on large amounts of work is very limited at the present time.

We do NOT open or review ANY unsolicited manuscripts, so please--refrain from sending them.

We prefer first a brief proposal outlining the nature of your work, who your target market may be and some information about your background. If we're interested in taking a closer look at your book, we'll contact you.

If you have a proposal that is ready for us to consider, we would ask that you submit your ideas in a brief, TEXT-ONLY e-mail (no attachments) and send it via email.

Currently, we are open to discuss projects in the following areas of interest:

Fiction, Short Fiction Collections and Poetry
History - medieval, military and local  [non-academic]
Humanities and Culture

For non-fiction, please address the following issues:


    * What is the market for your book and how many potential buyers might there be for it?


    * How will it help them?


    * What makes your book different from similar books?
    * Are there any books similar to your own on the market?
    * What advantages does your book have over the other books on the subject?


    * Which magazines or professional/trade journals may review your book?
    * Do you have specific ideas of your own for marketing your book?
    * Are you to be active in marketing your book?